A variety of resources will be generated during the course of the project, designed to be of use to different audiences. These will cover publications and deliverables produced as the project progresses, scientific papers and training materials for end users.

Project Deliverables


  • Seminars/workshops for training purposes, 2024
  • Workshop 1, January 2023
    Progressing forward from the current baseline to conducting resilience assessments and building the business case for adaptation
  • Workshop 2, November 2023
    Validation of ICARUS research findings and making steps to implementation in practice
  • Workshop 3, 2024, connected to TRA2024
    Final results of the ICARUS project

Scientific and Journal Articles

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Training materials

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Other resources

Case Studies

Building the business case of resilience enhancement

The case studies will highlight methods and approaches used, to provide an evidence base for the need to enhance resilience.

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Climate Hazards

Hazards related to flooding, temperature, including extremes of temperature will be considered over a range of European climatic zones.

Resilience Assessment

We will provide information on how resilience is assessed and measured at various scales, for example, individual assets, networks and connections.


There will be a range of solutions presented, potentially including; hard measures, soft measures, hybrid measures and particular focus on nature based solutions. There will be consideration of how such solutions have, or will be, implemented by NRAs on an ongoing basis, and what ongoing monitoring will be undertaken.